The Truth About True Love

Popular Irish fiction features a clever leprechaun who hides his pot of gold on the other side of a rainbow so it’s difficult for people to find. Since a rainbow is just an optical illusion that is formed by a ray of light passing through droplets of water, every individual who sees the rainbow miscalculates its exact location and their own distance from it. As one walks towards it, the rainbow seems to be moving further away, until it simply disappears. It often seems as though true love is hidden somewhere behind a rainbow as well.


Almost everyone has experienced unrequited love at least once in their life. Many have been cheated on or manipulated by a person in whom they had a romantic interest. Then there are those who had secret aspirations of an idealistic dream partner that they were simply unable to find in reality. True love is difficult to find, but that does not mean it does not exist.

In order to find sincerity in a relationship, it is necessary to be the first to sow the seeds of sincerity, that too with consistency. Every person has materialistic tendencies but when it comes to matters of the heart, one should only go for a person that he/she is genuinely interested in, rather than taking an interest in a person based on their wealth and possessions.

Furthermore, the truth about true love is that one receives as much as one gives; it is a two way street. Additionally, every relationship requires that each partner consciously makes efforts to keep up with each other’s needs and wants on a daily basis, irrespective of the number of years spent together. For the relationship to thrive, neither partner can deliberately slack in terms of their commitment and devotion to their partner or spouse. Of course there will be times when one partner will have to cover up for the weaknesses of the other or compromise on a few things, however only strong relationships have the ability to withstand such trials and tribulations.

The basis of such strong relationships lies in the ability to communicate and express what you feel. A famous poet, Khalil Gibran, once said, “Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of love is lost.” So it is important to say what one means, and mean what one says. After all, it is very easy to spin a fairytale and make another person believe that it is real and true. However, living up to one’s word is the key to being able to find and retain true love. It is easy to say that nice people are hard to find; but if you really want to find such a person, try being one first. One can only attract good vibes by remaining positive themself. So love truly, and true love will ensue.

6 Things To Avoid When Dating Online


People have had success finding love and friendship online. Others have been unlucky with the same because of the choices they make before and during the online process. Simple mistakes can lead to negative results with your online dating efforts. Just like there are things you must do to increase your success rates, there are things you must avoid so as to reduce the chances of getting disappointed. When dating online, avoid the following.

Lying – It can be tempting to include false statements in your profile so as to attract more responses. In the process, you end up ruining your chances of a good relationship when the truth finally comes out. Never lie about things such as disabilities, children, sexual orientation and weight among others. Lying will only shoot down love before it even begins so be truthful or avoid including the information until it comes up in your conversations.

Being too choosy – You definitely have a clear picture of the person you are looking for. You however, should not include what you don’t like in a person. Talk about what qualities matter to you to attract the right attention without sounding too strict and choosy. Fact is you might find love where you least expect to find it.

Generic profile – It will not in any way make a statement on your behalf and is likely to yield no results at all. Give potential singles something to read and leave some room for curiosity to drive them in knowing you better. Create a profile that is interesting and good enough to find you potential matches.

Revealing everything too early – Women, especially have a way of giving too much information too early in dating. This is not advisable since it might end up making you very desperate and unstable. Things such as your ex and past negative experiences should be saved for later. It is actually advisable to keep them locked until that time your partner asks or till when you can honestly but wisely handle the issues. Stick to knowing each other better before anything else.

Giving too many compliments – You sure do want to sound excited and understanding during conversations by making compliments, but don’t end up giving them with every statement your partner makes. It can be irritating and put forth an image of desperation. You will seem as though you are working tooth and nail to impress your partner and this might come off negatively. Give compliments in the most deserving situations only.

Confusing between your dates – The good thing about online dating is that you have a choice to date several people at a go if you so wish. Unfortunately, it can be tricky when you have too much going on and you could end up confusing between your dates. Such confusions can put an end to a promising relationship. Be sure you know who you are talking to and what you talked about previously or just date one person at a time if it will give you a smoother time.

Online Dating – What You Need To Know

Dating women is not limited to making friendships only; it goes beyond. When you start dating, you also propose to lead and share your life with her. Obviously, both of you will have to know each other first and that could foster an everlasting relationship. When it comes to the choice of women, there are various factors to consider. There is physical beauty, good nature, manners and culture, personality and homeliness. You want your woman to have a little of all these qualities even though she might not be perfect.


Interestingly, for the benefit of those who prefer dating, there are varied internet services or dating websites that you can use. The online dating websites are quite customer friendly and provide several versatile services for the dating couple.

How do they work?

The web agencies have registered members from all over the globe giving you a wider selection to choose from. The online dating websites have their own set of rules and restrictions. On most sites registration is open only to those women who are 18 years of age or above. When creating a profile, the member is required to provide important personal details such as her age, date of birth, place of birth, zodiac, education, marital status, including children if any, hobbies etc. Along with these, a photo of the member is also requested. Thus, when you look up the profile of women available for dating, you get a brief bio as well as a picture of how the person looks.

The agency takes enough care to see that every profile is thoroughly checked and only then it is made available on the website. The websites are adequately protected against hackers and scammers so as to ensure privacy of every chatting couple.

Some online dating sites are dedicated to women of a particular race or belonging to a particular country or religion. There are special dating sites for singles, widows, widowers and divorcees. There are also sites based on age such as dating for above 40 or above 50. Some online dating sites provide the services of a moderator, who also acts as a translator for the benefit of people from countries with no command over the language used on the platform. A few sites offer multi-language facility so that language does not become a barrier in dating.

Most dating web service agencies have different categories of membership like free, silver and gold membership. Each category has certain unique service facilities. The translator’s service could be activated against the request. There are add-on services you can avail of too. If you want to send flowers as a gift of love and affection to the woman you chat with, you can request the agency to do so if they offer such a facility. If you experience difficulty in finding a woman of the type you are looking for, you can even seek the assistance of an advisor. With your approval, the advisor will contact the woman and make every effort to introduce her to you.

Thousands of registered members of online dating sites have benefited by this unique dating service. In fact, hundreds of women register themselves with these sites every day. If you are looking to date, this may be the place to start.

When Is The Best Time Of The Year To Propose

For all those of you who have been in a serious relationship for a while and are looking to pop the big question to your partner, the two most important questions perplexing you are when and how. How you plan to do it depends a lot on the likes and preferences of your beloved, something that will take her by surprise. However, getting the timing perfect might make all the difference to your proposal.


So, when is the best time of the year to propose? Winter or summer? Speaking to a few couples and gathering a few prevailing trends of over the years, here’s what we’ve found out.

Nailing the Right Date

There are a few days that have piped the others into becoming the best dates to make your proposal. Here’s a short list of them.

  • Valentine’s Day: This is a day that celebrates love. It celebrates relationships. Hence, there is no better day to ask your beloved to spend the rest of her life with you.
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day: Coming in at number 2, close behind Valentine’s Day, is Christmas Eve and Christmas day. The festive season has an abundance of love and romance in the air. Christmas Eve tends to be a more popular choice than Christmas day.
  • New Years Day: A new year is a new adventure in itself and asking someone to marry you on this day is like embarking on a new journey. There’s no better way to start the New Year than making new relationships and strengthening the older ones.
  • Birthdays: Although the most popular, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve tend to be somewhat predictable. If you really want to keep the suspense, get down on your knee on your beloved’s birthday promising to grow old with her each year. There is nothing that will surprise her more and make her day more special.

The Best Season of The Year

Looking at it in the larger picture, summer is the season for weddings. The climate is warm and pleasant and proves to be just the perfect backdrop for a wedding. Spring is for budding romances. It is fun and flirtatious. The best season for proposals is winter. It is when you make lifelong commitments. The seriousness of the season reflects in the seriousness of your decision to take your relationship to a whole new level.

We are not the only ones to make this claim; most jewelers report a sharp rise in the sale of engagement rings in the weeks leading up to the winter holidays. The simple reason behind winter being the popular season is because there are so many holidays. The festivities bring near and dear ones together allowing you to make things truly special. Besides, it is also a practical choice; get engaged in winter and married in summer.

As we end, just a small piece of advice. Don’t only restrict yourself to a particular date or season. Choose a date that is meaningful to the two of you.

Bridge Building to Friendships

Building a bridge to nowhere will get you there! Many relationships have been saved because of a GPS.Things can get tense when one is driving and another is navigating. Because we now have a tool (GPS) we can more easily get to our destination, unless of course the GPS says, “You have arrived,” and instead of pulling into a restaurant you are facing a cornfield!


In order to build friendships we need tools and a plan. That makes it sound like being intentional? You may ask, “Does this mean I need to work at my friendships or other relationships?” To answer that question mildly, “Yep.”

It also means if you want to increase your base of friendships, you need intentionality. One needs to plan to build bridges to others. I know networking seems more difficult for those who see themselves as quiet or introverted. It does take getting out of our comfort zone, but having goals and a plan can make it easier.

Do you want to have more friendships and associates? Then consider these points:

  • Count the number of friends you do have. You may not realize it but you may actually have more friends than you imagine. Since they know you, ask them what they could recommend to help you network.
  • Where are you connected? Where do you need to connect? Here are some ideas:
  • Check out civic organizations like the Optimist Club, Rotary, Kiwanis, etc. They have great social times as well as provide services to the community.
  • Join a book club. Find like-minded readers who have a passion to read and share.
  • Join a hobby club. Besides reading, there are endless hobby groups that network and socialize.
  • Attend a place of worship. This is a great opportunity to feel supported and to be of assistance to others along the journey.
  • Volunteer. There are millions of ways to volunteer in a community like hospitals, libraries, schools, parks, boards or commissions, etc.
  • Take a class at a local community college. They have reasonable prices with a wide variety to choose from. I once took a water coloring class from a community college. It’s a great way to network.

Anything else you can add to the list? For further ideas do web searching.

A word of caution: go slow on your involvement and networking. It takes time and energy so you’ll want to pace yourself.

Before you know it, you will have a network of friends and associates and will probably ask yourself, “Why did I wait so long?”

Finding True Friends

I suppose most of us think that we have lots of friends in our life, from childhood to school, at work, in clubs, among to neighbors and all. And in these modern times, we can gauge how friends we have by way of Facebook. But what distinguishes real friends from mere acquaintances or just some people you happen to know?

true friend

When asked,”Do you know Tony?” There is a big difference between “Yes, I know him” and “Yes, he’s my friend.”

There are guides to this thing called “choosing your friend process” since the old days. They are applicable now as they were back then. And it’s interesting to re-learn them again because since the days of our forefathers, we still haven’t learned.

What will be our measure? Perhaps time? Perhaps comfort? Perhaps security? There are lots of standards. But to summarize some of the old teachings, here are a few guides you may want to ponder upon.

Some friends are there only because it suits them. As long as you are of use, you are a friend. These are mostly higher than you. In some cases, they are the bosses, business partners, and rich and high status people. But in many cases, they are the shrewd businessmen and politicians. If you are of no use, its goodbye to you. Some won’t even recognize you when you walk up the street.

Still, some may eventually become your enemy. Be wary about these because people in this category usually have a history or pattern in doing so. Be careful of this kind because these are the backstabbers. They are friendly in front of you but will talk behind your back.

Others will not be around in times of sorrow. Only in good times, will they be, but in bad times they are nowhere to be found.

And also there are friends for the wrong reasons like gangs, drinking and gambling buddies.

Test your acquaintances first. Do not just open up your life story to anyone nor open your doors to any stranger.

One of the best way to know who are your friends from your mere acquaintances is during hard times. Your real friends will always be there no matter what. In some cases, the people you thought to be real friends will abandon you and the least likely you expect are the ones who would be by your side. Only in bad times will you know who they are. Bad times are a kind of sorting out times.

If you find someone where your interests are put ahead of theirs or you became a better person because of them that is a person worthy to be called your friend. That person is worth more than any treasure on earth. That you will know when you are down and you are in need of a friend.

A true friend is more valuable than all the riches in this world. Money may come and go but a true friend is hard to find and will be always be there for you.

I hope this article will be very helpful to you in finding your real friends. But remember friendship is not a one way street. You must PROVE that you are ALSO WORTHY of being a TRUE FRIEND. In order to make lives better for us, that friendship qualities must start from us. Then you will attract persons, people radiating the same aura, the same vibrations as what you are projecting and more real friends will come your way.

How To Meet Beautiful Women, Without Fear Of Rejection

Fear of rejection. There’s no denying that this is something many guys face when it comes to considering how to build confidence with women. Furthermore, it seems like the more attractive she is, the worse this fear becomes. Just the mere thought of walking up to a hot woman and having her be rude, bitchy, or annoyed with him, is a fear so powerful, that most guys won’t even attempt an approach. They literally become crippled with fear.


Below I’ve come up with 4 new perspectives which I encourage you to adopt in your journey to build confidence with women. Use these anytime this fear starts to rear its ugly, pathetic head.


I need you to understand something. Anytime, and I do mean ANY time, you start to become nervous around women, it’s simply because you are going into your own head and overthinking things. What’s ironic is that doing this will often invite a rejection scenario into occurring more often. This is because by overthinking, you tend to make yourself stifled.

When you are stifled and you say something to a woman, she can IMMEDIATELY tell.

Women are very good at detecting when a guy is stifled or nervous. They perceive this as you having no confidence with women. This will in turn make her uncomfortable and nervous too, which can more often result in her giving you a bad reaction. Don’t kill her good, fun vibe man! Get out of your head. A bar, club or any other public place with lots of women, is NOT the time to be all up in your own head. Be present, don’t be somewhere else.

Catch yourself when this starts to happen and snap yourself out of it.

2. Keep Good Voice Tone and Body Language.

Start training yourself to walk around like you ”own the place”. Do this while you’re out walking around on a normal day. You’ll notice that within 5-10 minutes you’ll start to feel better about yourself. Other people will unconsciously pick up on this and will subtly treat you better. When in an environment with a lot of women, this is incredibly powerful. Stand up straight, hold your chest out, move a little slower, don’t react as much, don’t fiddle with anything. Hold your drink (or whatever you may be holding) down, not up to your chest.

Speak with a deep, clear, loud voice. Look people square in the eye and don’t break eye contact (especially with women). How does this relate to your fear of rejection? Well I personally have found that when doing all these things, any fear of rejection I may have slightly felt, completely diminishes. I feel unstoppable. It’s much harder for a woman to treat a man badly that walks up like this.


3. What is Rejection Anyway?

When considering how to build confidence with women, rejection is really just an idea that you’ve assigned powerful meaning to. You’ve given this ”learned” concept permission to prevent you from efficiently practicing building confidence with women. If a woman treats you truly badly on an approach, that has everything to do with her and very little to do with you. Why would you give a complete stranger permission to make you feel bad? Why would you let anyone, let alone a rude person, permission to mess with your self-esteem, self confidence with women, or how you see yourself?

Just think about how ridiculous that is for a second.

Who cares what she thinks? What you think of yourself and how YOU see yourself is what’s most important. Building confidence with women is about discovering that some of them just simply aren’t going to like you. When this happens to me I laugh and just think to myself: ”They’re loss”. I don’t have time to convince stupid people why they’re stupid, and neither should you. Present yourself in a confident, congruent manner and that’s all you can do. If you’re doing everything else I’m teaching you correctly, eventually an attractive woman will recognize what a fun, unique, and irresistible guy you are.

Extraordinary Love: On Exciting Anniversary Thoughts

Candlelit dinners, romantic walks in the park, or a date in the movies – these are what couples usually do when they celebrate their anniversaries. While these things can be romantic, surprise your sweetheart with something exciting to spice up your relationship. Think out of the box and look for unique ideas you can do on your special day. Surprise your partner with exciting and extraordinary getaways that will surely intensify your relationship.


Skydiving Thrill

Flying with your partner across the sky can now be a reality. Skydiving is a great way to jumpstart your adrenaline and feel the excitement of freefalling. This adventure allows you and your partner to explore new heights and experience amazing views from above the clouds.

A tandem skydive usually involves jumping from a height of 9,000 to 14,000 feet. The higher the jump, the longer you can experience the sensation of free-falling. During a tandem jump, you are connected to a harness with a skydiving instructor who will guide you through the free-fall. This is what you usually see on TV where the diver is tied to the front of the instructor.

There’s nothing like meeting up with your partner upon landing and celebrating the fact that you’ve both experienced life’s ultimate rush.

Hot Air Balloon Romance

Although uniquely old-fashioned, a hot air balloon adventure can bring many memories you and your sweetheart can cherish for years to come. It is an ideal way of spending quality time without having to worry about the trouble and noise from the city. With the wind as your navigator, you can travel across a certain distance and see the extraordinary views of the city. A hot air balloon ride usually lasts for at most two to four hours, depending on the package offered by the travel company. To make the event more romantic, ask the company what extras they can offer. Slip in a bottle of champagne or a box of chocolate you and your partner can share while enjoying the view.

Ocean Experience

Going on a beach vacation is also a great way to get closer to your sweetheart. Set sail for a memorable ocean adventure with your sweetheart. Go aboard a cruise to the Caribbean to experience ultimate relaxation like no other. Take a swim with the dolphins and uncover the astonishing marine life with your partner. You can also enjoy wakeboarding, parasailing, and sea kayaking to experience your adrenalinerush. While out in the ocean, prepare dinner and set sail under the glow of the moonlight to set the mood and make the event more special.

Mountain Adventure

Hiking and camping are among the most exciting things couples should try. These allow you and your partner to explore the wonders of nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy the lush rainforests and fresh air as you hike and camp in the mountains. Cuddle around the campfire for a romantic evening with nature. Feel the thrill of other camping activities such as fishing, mountain climbing, and zip lining.

Additional tips

Throw in a few extra surprises to make the experience more unforgettable. Record every moment of the adventure so you can cherish the experience with your sweetheart for more years to come.

What Is the Perfect Luxury Gift for Your Partner?


Is a special occasion coming up soon like a birthday or anniversary? Are you thinking of what to give her? Finding the right gift for your partner is not easy. After all, you need to give your partner something she will remember always. It can well be true that all the tried and tested options have been discarded and you won’t know what to do. Well, here is the perfect solution – give your lady a designer bag. She will never love any gift more. Designer bags are after all, loved by all women and she would just be surprised and amazed at your choice. After all, not many women expect their partner to give them a luxury handbag. Men can think of giving diamonds but not many think about giving a handbag. The question you might ask. Why would your partner want a luxury handbag? Here is a look at what makes an exquisite bag the perfect choice for your partner.

No danger of it being disliked

There is no woman who does not love designer bags. All women covet them. Unlike gifts like clothes or shoes, there is no specific measurement where you can go wrong. A classic bag is always the right solution if you are not sure of your lady’s preferences – but if you know exactly what she likes you can also buy a bold piece. Thus there is no apprehension about the gift not being liked.

You will be remembered every time the bag is used

Most gifts are just forgotten soon after the special occasion. That cute showpiece you gave her last year was great and she loved it, but now it is just lying on a shelf in her room. A designed bag is used often. Every time the bag is used, the first thought on your lady’s mind will be of you. What can be more romantic than that?

It is a gift that will actually be useful

Gifts like paintings etc. are not something that a person can actually use. A handbag is the perfect gift because for a woman it is not just something she wants, a good bag is something she needs. Therefore, by giving her something that she both covets and needs, you are giving the perfect gift.

It is thoughtful

When a woman receives a designer handbag as a gift, she will feel appreciated. You actually made an effort in giving her something that she likes and can use. It is better than the standard chocolates and roses routine.

Making Your Wedding Anniversary Special


Reminiscing one of the most important and memorable day of you and your partner’s life can be as romantic and as joyful as the day itself-your wedding day. Leaving all your day-to-day problems and worries behind and just treating him or her like it’s your special day. Anniversaries can make old romances spark and new love arise. So here’s a list of things you can do to make it special for you and your partner.

· Stay at home.Take the day off and surprise your love one by waking him/her up with a breakfast in bed. Just spend the day at home talking with each other; you might learn new things from each other. You can also do the things you like together, play a romantic game or watch the television. For lunch, instead of him/her cooking for you, for a change, surprise your partner by cooking a delicious meal. At night, a candle-light dinner will be just romantic, food cooked with love, a couple of roses at the table and a bottle of wine to go with it.

· No mountain higher. For the adventurous lot, staying at home may be a little boring. Why not celebrate your anniversary at the top of a mountain? You can climb a mountain or two. Perhaps, this time you can propose again at the top of the world, it sounds so romantic. Surely, you and your partner will cherish the experience forever.

· Watch a Movie. If you don’t want to trek and you also don’t want to just stay at home, you can go watch a movie. Or perhaps something different. Have you tried watching theater plays or maybe even some stand-up comedy shows? What’s important is to enjoy the one day that you can spend with your partner.

· Go back in time. Do you remember your first date? Or the place you/your partner proposed to you? Surprise them by visiting those places again. Some couples reenact what happened on their first dates or on the day of the proposal. You can do the same. Try bringing back all the memories and all the sweetness that you and your partner showed to each other perhaps new romances will be made.

· Amusement Parks. When was the last time you and your partner visited the amusement parks? For the busy ones, anniversary may be the only day you can do so. Just let go of all that is bothering you and enjoy the moment with you partner. Feel free to be young again.

· Day at the Museum. There are a lot of museums to visit. Have your partner pick one and just spend the day discovering new things. If you got time, why not go museum hopping? Of course be sure that your partner enjoys it.

· Long walk at the beach.One of the most romantic scenes that anyone can think of probably is a long walk at the beach while the sun sets. Of course if you don’t feel like walking, just sit and relax while watching the beautiful scenery. Just talk about all your personal feelings. Prepare something to eat while you’re at it.

· Invite the whole clan. Many prefer to throw a family get-together on the day of their wedding anniversary. Invite your family and friends at your special day. Share them the happiness that you and partner have on your anniversary. By doing so, they’ll share you the stories and fun and maybe some gift too.

· Flowers, nothing beats Flowers. For the busy couple, getting a day off may not be possible. Why not buy some gifts for your partner. Flowers can be and will always be one the most romantic gift you can give. Roses, which symbolizes for love, are perfect for the occasion. Have a perfect bouquet of roses or maybe just one elegant long-stemmed rose to give to your partner on your anniversary. You can buy them at your local flower shops or you can also buy them online and just have them delivered to you.

The truth is, if you’re celebrating you’re anniversary at home or going to the movies or just watch some beautiful sceneries, giving flowers to your partner can make your day more romantic. With roses, you’re anniversary can never go wrong.